LEBEC, CA (KOMATSU) — Curtis Martin doesn’t remember a time when excavation wasn’t a part of his life. He grew up working for his father’s business in Pennsylvania, and when that business expanded to California, Curtis went too. For a while, he traveled back and forth between the two states, and in 2004, as his father was closing up shop, he decided to buy some of the equipment and start Ground Breakers Construction, Inc.

“I love construction, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” said Curtis. “I, along with five other guys, started out doing mostly residential grading work. I advertised heavily early on, but eventually, our jobs came from word-of-mouth referrals, then much from repeat customers.”

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FAIRFAX DISTRICT, Calif. (KTLA) — A historic radio tower was ripped to the ground with the help of a bulldozer. The massive tower came down in a matter of seconds, and with it, a chapter in L.A. history.

Crews worked four days to make sure the former KHJ tower fell safely. A bulldozer’s cable pulled down the twin towers that propelled the 5,000 watt AM signal from Fairfax Ave. at Venice Blvd. into Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and beyond.

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LOS ANGELES, CA (eSUB) — Ground Breakers Construction Inc. needed a mobile, cloud-based project management and document control solution with a speedy cost-to-benefit to help the company scale for growth. The Ground Breakers team saw opportunities for operational and process improvements to reduce unintended costs and improve the quality of work. With a wide variety of services and personnel, they needed to empower field workers (and office staff) with an integrated project delivery system to address Change Orders, RFI’s, Daily Reports, Payroll and Cost data collection to speed up activities and decision making across the business.

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